Building and Maintaining Own Website
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Building and Maintaining Own Website

Building and Maintaining Own Website

Building and Maintaining Own Website

Building and Maintaining Own Website

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  1. Need of website
  2. Right website to have
  3. Development of a website by own
  4. Maintaining
  5. Advertising and conversion

Being entrepreneur is not so easy task for any one ,from start to establishment ,it takes several processes to bring it in concrete phase . If you have chosen everything about your business model ,the next step is ‘having a online place for your business .

  1. Need of a website :- Internet is a really a very fast and easy to reach platform for any business , very convenient and less time consuming , then why not to use it . 

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Weather your business is small , medium ,large ,or from home resale ,It is best to have a online business website ,so that your costumers/client /audiences can easily reach to you .If you are struggling with ‘low sale issue ‘ then it is not the fault of your business model but it is unreachability of your audiences to you .

You can achieve any thing just like any other whom you have seen around you ,only thing you need is to reach to your right audiences . And the best way is “Website”

2.Right Websites to have:-

Any one who is selling/sharing anything should have a website to reach to right audiences , whether they are blogger or shop seller /service provider or a helper . They can have different type of website depending on their needs . A service provider can have a services as product to display .a small grocery shop can have a small e-commerce application with a cart and payment gateways , a home seller can have a small e-commerce too . Even a display website can work for the near-by (Local) area sellers ,because after seeing the products on your site people can come and visit to you to pick .

3. Development of website by own :-

Yes , if you do not want to invest money and want to build your website by own , you can … We at provide you all help needed if you want to build your site by your own . You can put your ideas into reality by making website by own .

You can use different technologies for different type of websites , We can help you to choose the technology required for your business .

Sunbright consultancy is building websites since 13 years and build many websites . We have a very good experience of making website and many other online applications . We build Mobile applications , web applications , e-commerce applications , also provide seller account service for ‘AMAZON’, ‘FLIPKART’,’SNAPDEAL’ and many more . If any one have plan to sell on other e-commerce platform also can be done by us .

Not only we make we extend our help also without any cost . larger business owners are having their own websites and also selling on Amazon like e-commerce platforms . As we had seen a fight between the e-commerce giants to grab the whole market , think if you will have a web presence and all things which they provide ,why your regular customers will move away . It is high time for all the local shop owners and street sellers to shift their business online . This is the need of hour . By stepping into online market they will get back all their customers/clients back and the e-commerce giants those who are fighting for the reason will disappear .

4. Maintaining and update website :-

Once you made your own website we will teach and train you to maintain and update your website , we do not charge for this . We guide you to get the easiest way to have website and maintaining it , So you will not to be dependent on any one .

5. Advertising and conversion :-

Local sellers are already popular in the nearby areas .once they will share the website links they will be easily searched on the internet .


It is very nesseccery to have websites and web applications and ecommerce for the local shop owners . it just similar to renting a shop building in area . Only the platform will be internet . In a physical concrete building very few people can visit everyday but on a website many people can visit at a time .

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