Time, When God lived with Human !

Time When God lived with Human !

“If science has not yet discovered something , that doesn’t mean it does not exist” Infect everything which ever is discovered till date, had already been existed”

Our vedas , Puranas , Upnishadas and all our holy books of Sanatan Dharma explain lot of things about the creation of universe, our earth and life on earth .Whenever I discussed with elderly people, about the new inventions and discoveries of universe , it always mesmerised me when i listened their replies. They says everything is already written in our veda , Puran , Upnishad and all holy books of Sanatan Dharma . 

My curiosity to know more and more about  “Ancient Knowledge”. This curiosity made me to look into my grand father’s treasure of holy books,

The book which caught my attention was “The Place of God ” This book was  written in Sanskrit. And as i started reading the book it startled me by the facts and evidences, which proves that the stories around the world about gods, or super human beings are not Myths ,infect they are real truth . 

First chapter :-

Our earth and solar system is the part of  Galaxy “Milky way/Akash ganga” is the ocean of planets and stars . Our earth revolve around the sun and sun revolve around the center of galaxy along with its all the planets . This revolution on its orbit around the center of galaxy is completed in approximately 250 million years . Our solar system already completed 18 revolution .