Is he Only of Panjab’s PM – Who they are to harm him

Is he Only of Panjab's PM - Who they are to harm him

On 6th January 2022 was the day when our Prime minister, an elected Prime minister, was disgraced by a bunch of people by masking behind the peaceful protest for no reason. Because it was backed by a certain group of politicians who dislike PM Modi because they can not do wrong doings in his presence. Now they all are mobbed together to defeat or replace him. If not possible by legal means, then trying to use all unlawful means.

PM Modi Say’s “Na khaunga na Khane dunga”, How their political ambitions of looting innocent taxpayers’ money for own luxurious life are being shattered .

It is high time to People of India should understand the difference between “good” and “bad” politicians. People from lower and poor category are still do not understand the power of vote. They just sell it for little money given to them by the bad actor politicians . 

During protest in Delhi was the paid people sent by a certain group of political parties they paid them on a daily basis. That is the reason they are still wanting to continue the agitation so that someone will pay continuously for them . 

One thing is for sure that there is no one who has the courage to remove the Article 370, resolving long pending issue like “ram Mandir”, and to slap back to the “Pakistan “for terror funding. No one is capable of doing such actions . 

Since childhood we had been listening to Kashmir issue, Ram mandir issue, Terrorist attacks in India, Lots of riots, So many Corruptions and scams.. but now it is slower down in comparison of olden days. And we hope it will be eradicated completely If Modi continued as PM .

We Indian badly need the PM like Modi .

We Need Modi To Be Our Prime-Minister to save India 

This video is removed by the generator – as it had solid evidence of to attack Prime Minister. url shared is given…

On the name of Farmers – a complete channel is running by Khalisthanis

This video is removed by the generator – as it had solid evidence of to attack Prime Minister. url shared is given… – removed still there

They had planned well to capture and harm our honorable Prime Minister. If they (All corrupt politicians) cannot defeat by legal means, then they try to go for any means. Now it is the duty of every Indian to protect their Prime Minister and stand with Prime Minister No matter which state he/she belong . 

Every Indian who live in Panjab must stand against the act .