Tech Frauds -Beware ! Save your bank Accounts and Money

Tech Frauds -Beware ! Save your bank Accounts and Money

  • OLX Fraud 
  • Google ad customer care fraud
  • KYC Fraud
  • SBI Yono app frauds
  • Phishing Fraud
  • Policy Fraud
  • SMS Fraud

The word ‘Fraud’ is not new. But friends, today I am going to share with you some of my experiences. Also, will tell you how I saved myself by these frauds ?

It’s not a very difficult task to avoid these frauds, just be attentive, alert and leave the casual approach ,

Yesterday I received a call regarding my Old Refrigerator which I put in sell on OLX website. I was quite happy to listen to the fellow that he was agree to give the price I asked in there. Normally it did not happen for my other goods . 

That’s good -I thought in my mind and quickly shared my number. But as always I had a second thought in my mind “how anyone is not asking to reduce the price “

Immediately after a few minutes of sharing the contact number, I received the call from that fellow. He said he will pay me by Paytm or phone Pe  or UPI. Though I usually pay by these apps but to investigate I asked him to pay cash . 

He said No, he can pay only through app, and now I got the thread – I said of pay half cash and half through app, he agreed. I asked him to visit and see the refrigerator in first place. He said no need to see my helper will come and pick the item, and I will transfer 5000/- to your app in advance. My helper will hand over remaining cash over to you. My mind started working – How anyone can be ready to pay without seeing the item? Why he wants to pay though app … i was trying to figure out any expected fraud which can happen in this situation.. I failed to find out any type of fraud can take place .That fellow is ringing me continuously to give me the payment phone number. After sharing the payment ID i told him not to send 5000/- rupees before seeing the refrigerator .I suggested him ‘he can transfer money after seeing the refrigerator. He was not listening and keep saying ‘Apko Kya Dikkat hai me agar pahale paise tran sfer kar raha hun ‘I Strictly told him “Do not send money before visitng and seeing the Item “ 

The fellow immediately changed the voice and said “Madam Mujhe Apse Refrigerator lena hi nahi hai”

I said ok no issue …. And I was saved by not being a victim of a money fraud. You might be thinking- how ?

His Plan was to transfer money – which would somehow will appear in your app like paid and after he will come to pick the item, he will see the item and after seeing the item he would have been refused and asked for transferred money. That might have not been reached to your account but shown paid . 

And i would have been cheated by that fellow.. This is the one incident out of so many which I came across and saved myself. Friends, there are so many ways architectured by these techy frauds..

They may call you to inform you about your expired policy. as you will start talking, they will start asking you your policy related details, which are quite similar to bank details.. so never share, instead find the local bank landline number and call them (best to ask to your relationship manager assigned you) ask them about any policy or anything enquired by the unknown calling fellow . 

Never search bank customer care on internet, there are so many fake websites running to provide the customer. Support, if you call on those numbers, you will end up in a colossal fraud. They will ask so many banking related information from you and will create the app based on your details and will transfer your money to another account. They will use their own phone number in those apps . you will receive no OTP for those transactions .

Another popular way of fraud is by creating phishing pages some fake websites are designed exact same copy of some targeted banking websites . You may receive those website links through email or SMS. , once you click those websites and fill up your details without investigating the URL , you will lose all your money from your account . 

Whenever you visit any website, there is a domain name mentioned with a trail of so many numbers and letters and signs. like,, or, so you should be able to see this same name with right spelling . 

Some fraud website may have domain like –, and you will land up to a phishing page which will look like same . 

So friends beware and be attentive, because technology is the need of hour but we have to be careful as well .